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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hire the Slinger?

All bookings and payments are made through our online bookings page. The Slinger is located at the Lugton Park Tennis Club and can only be used at the Club courts or the adjacent indoor facility. The Slinger cannot be removed from the premises. If you'd like to hire the Slinger for use on a private court, please contact us at

Do I have to be a Lugton Park Tennis Club member to hire the Slinger?

No.  Non-members may hire the Slinger but you must also pay for your court hire. Court hire is made through

Do I need to book a court?

Yes, both members and non-members need to book their court times.  Non-members must also pay for their court hire. All indoor bookings are subject to indoor court hire fees for both members and non-members. The indoor facility offers lights after dark. Some outdoor courts do have lighting after dark, these are courts 8-12 and 17&18. Please ask at if you are unsure on how to turn on lights outdoors.

Are tennis balls included? What happens if a lose a ball (or 2)?

Yes! We stock the Slinger with tennis balls specifically designed for use in the machine. Do NOT use any of your own balls in the Slinger. Please be diligent picking up all of the tennis balls when you're done hitting - there's even a ball tube to make it as easy as possible. Missing balls cost $5 each to replace.

Can I use the Slinger on a wet court?

Nope. And nope. The Slinger is a high performance robot that doesn't like any moisture. It cannot be used in wet weather (not even a drizzle). You cannot put wet tennis balls back in the Slinger. If you get caught out in the weather and the Slinger or the balls get wet, contact us immediately. If the weather is in doubt, book an indoor court so you can hit with no worries.

Is the Slinger difficult to set up? Can players of all levels use it?

The Slinger is easy, portable, and simple to set up.  For every booking you can collect the Slinger 10 minutes BEFORE your allocated booking time to get to your court and get set up - so you don't waste any of your hitting time! Players of all levels will benefit from the Slinger. Check out our Instructional Video page that has tips for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players to get the most out of your Slinger hire. Still unsure? Book a private Slinger lesson with Coach Tahlia so she will show you the ropes and program drills specifically to suit your tennis goals. You can contact Tahlia on 027 767 1809.

Can I share my Slinger hire booking with a friend?

Yes and No.
Yes - if you book a Club30 or Club60 you can share your booking with a friend. Our online bookings do not split payments so if you want to share the cost, you better chase your mate up for the coin.
No - if you are a ClubVIP member you can only book and use the Slinger for yourself. This is because we offer VIP's UNLIMITED hitting and we can't have your mates free loading off your VIP status.

I'm a Coach, can I hire the Slinger to use with my lessons or groups?

If you'd like to hire the Slinger for commercial use, like coaching or club days, please email us at

What happens if I damage the Slinger during my hire? Or I find it damaged when I collect it?

If you damage the Slinger during your hire or you notice anything out of the ordinary when you collect it - please discontinue use and contact us immediately. You can email us at or contact Coach Tahlia on 027 767 1809. We reserve the right to charge you for any intentional damage, damage caused by using the Slinger in a manner not intended, or damage caused when in breach of our hire terms and conditions.

Somethings gone wrong ... what should I do?

Can't get the Slinger unlocked? Slinger battery died while you were using it? Can't figure out the right setting? No stress. Contact us at or Coach Tahlia on 027 767 1809 and we'll get you sorted.

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